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Alignment & Suspension

After Canada’s harsh winters, poor road conditions can be damaging to your Hyundai. Protect your vehicle and ensure the safety of your passengers - it’s all about preventative maintenance. Maintaining good contact from your tires to the road are important for a smooth and safe ride. Take control of your vehicle and find out if your Hyundai needs an alignment or suspension test today!

Motor Oil

Regular motor oil changes are essential to keeping your engine running smoothly all year long. It is important that you use the correct Quaker State oil for your specific vehicle so that your Hyundai performs at its best. Giving your Hyundai quality synthetic oil, will save you money and protect your engine in the long run.

Quaker State & Hyundai Relationship

Hyundai is partnered with Quaker State who offers specially formulated oil for high performance vehicles to keep them running smoothly. Your vehicle works hard and so should your oil. Speak to one of our Hyundai Certified Technicians to find out which oil is right for your vehicle.

Emergency Preparedness

Whether the season or road conditions, emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. Hyundai recommends keeping a small emergency kit in your vehicle at all times which include some basic items that can assist on the road ahead.

Brake Replacement

Safety is a key component when driving and that is why a brake replacement is so important. With constantly changing driving conditions, making sure your brakes are in optimal condition will help in difficult situations. By having your vehicle serviced at a Hyundai dealership, you can be confident that Hyundai Genuine Parts are being installed and that the technician is certified to work specifically on your vehicle.

Brake Service

There are many factors that contribute to the wear and tear of your brakes so maintaining them on a consistent schedule will help keep your brakes work safely and save you from costly repairs. Your Hyundai Certified Technician will inspect, clean and lubricate your brake system to ensure your vehicle stay in tip top shape.

Winter Tires

Harsh Canadian winters can bring snowy, wet and icy driving conditions. It’s essential that you maintain full control of your vehicle during these challenging times and that is why we recommend installing winter tires. What are the benefits of winter tires? When is the right time to switch them over and what steps can be taken to ensure prolonged tire life?

All Season Tires

An important way of protecting your investment is to make sure you have proper tires for your vehicle. There are many reasons why you should have your tires checked on a regular basis. Want to discover the different ways of maintaining your all season tires and learn about the benefits to your overall vehicle performance?

Genuine vs. Aftermarket

We strive on providing quality in all our Hyundai products and services. With many aftermarket parts to choose from, only Hyundai Genuine Parts can guarantee that optimisation for your vehicle. Want to learn more about the benefits of using Hyundai Genuine Parts?

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